Using Github's Gist Platform as a blogging tool

The Internet is a strange and wonderful place. It never fails to amaze me the things people come up with. And what also never fails to amaze me is the effort we put into making simple tasks more complicated. For the new year, it is my hope to bring us back to the simplicity of things.


Ahhh, blogging. Something to simple and so mind blowing. It revolutionized how we as individuals communicate on the web, it's simple platform from which we could add more to the conversation was simply awesome. Average people with much to say came out in droves. By lowering the level of entry, the increased levels of knowledge that poured out rivals anything in human history.


Here is where out story takes a twist. As more and more bloggers got involved into blogging, IMHO it began to lose focus. Blogging became more about a platform and how developers could harness this new technology and start build web sites from it. I am not taking away the contributions of skilled developers out there, but at one point we kind of lost out way.

Getting back to the basics

So here it is. Inspired by Idan Gazit's project, I am taking blogging back to the basics. No theming, no RSS, no overly complicated tagging structure. It's text. It's published from markdown dammit. It's ideas and it's indexed by the web. Done.

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