Seattle Sass Meetup goes Google+ Communities

I have been running the Sesttle Sass Meetup for over a year now, and one area where I felt fell short was supporting the community outside the physical meetup.

The Seattle Sass Meetup has had some interesting growth over the past year, mainly with people NOT in Seattle. This is very cool and I have been looking for ways to support this geographically diverse audience.

I tried create a 'community' with Google+ Pages, but it wasn't quite right. There wasn't that clean mental separation between my personal page and my 'page'.

It's been around a month now since Google+ released Google Communities. Immediately I saw this as the extend community I was looking for. It even supports 'events'.

So I am tweeting this out to all my followers as well as those on my meetup list. So, what do ya say? Will you help me build this community? Your involvement is critical in its growth. Do you have Sass related topics that need a larger discussion? You come across articles that you want to share? Have questions about how to solve a problem? Want to upload a screen cast about a kick ass solution you came up with?

Beyond that, I am looking at more ways to get the physical meetup integrated into the Community Hangouts as well.

If you haven't yet, come checkout the Seattle Sass Meetup G+ Community and sign up!

Together, lets make something awesome!

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